Good-bye and thanks for all the fish

Time to close up shop and move on to other things.

Thank you for your encouragement and kindness over the past several years.

I’ve enjoyed the fellowship and following your posts.

Take care.

Former Czech-Language Presbyterian Church

Feb 6

In the 1870s waves of immigrant from Bohemia poured into Cedar Rapids to work in the meat packing plants as well as other plants offering steady wages. St. Wenceslaus Church is still has a large population. But this church closed some time back. It’s now the home of the New Jerusalem Church of God.

Early Saturday Morning

Columns at Bank Drive-In Window


Jan 30

In the winter, whenever the clouds clear, I head downtown before sunrise for the early morning light on the buildings. Thankfully there is a coffee shop that opens at 7 a.m. that keeps me warmed up and shooting. Not a lot of editing in Lightroom required except for the usual sharpening.

Down another alley

Jan 28



Someone left the Christmas lights up.